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The past two years with COVID and other world issues has impacted the way we view giving. The further development of technology has made it more accessible and easier for people to donate and give back to the community. 

These factors has led to donations impacting communities in many ways.

Organize and Increase Productivity

The Homeless Community

  • According to the data from the National Alliance to End Homelessness, there were 580,466 people experiencing homelessness in America in January 2020 before the life-changing pandemic, COVID, impacted the world. California, according to the United States Interagency Council of Homelessness, had the highest rate of unsheltered homeless individuals at 79.2% (107,525 were unsheltered).


  • Due to the lack of access to healthcare and shelter, the pandemic hit the community hard. LA County launched the “Project Roomkey” in an effort to house individuals, especially the elderly and medically fragile, experiencing homelessness who were at high risk of complications if infected with COVID. This project involved converting hotels and motels into permanent housing for the homeless community. There were many takeaways from the pandemic that brought to light the shelter crisis in the homeless community.

The Importance of Shelter

Poverty, unemployment, and the lack of affordable housing are some of the commonly recognize cause for homelessness. Housing and shelter programs can help addressed the root cause of homelessness. These programs include:

        • Emergency Centers: First to turn for support for people who experience economic shock.
        • Transitional Housing: A temporary residence of 24 months lives and receive support through a range of services to help stabilize their life.
        • Permanent Supportive Housing: A safe and stable housing environment with voluntary and flexible services to help manage serious, chronic issues such as; mental and substance abuse disorders.

Takeaways from the Pandemic

There were many projects launched in an effort to lessen the impact of COVID in the homeless community. These projects led to many lessons regarding the shelter crisis including:

        • Transforming Shelters: Open 24/7
        • Expand the range of shelter options: Non-congregate options such as hotels and motels turned to shelters
        • Invest and increase funding for permanent housing: An influx of federal assistance enabled localities to create or boost prevention, diversion, and re-housing during the pandemic. More funding is needed to maintain these in the long run.
Improve Work Habits

The Past 2 Years and Technology

The past two years have put to light many different issues in our society such as health, hunger and homelessness. The quarantine period caused people to reflect on these issues and truly think about what they’re passionate about. This is reflected on the increased number of individuals involved in philanthropy work over the past two years. People are now finding different ways to get involved with a cause that they are truly passionate about.

The world has become more technology based and it’s been heavily integrated into the current generations culture and trends. Fundraising events and donating is now easier to access and can be done in ways that involves technology such as:                  

  • QR Code: Scan and donate
  • Social Media Streaming: These involves livestreaming and receiving donations or “gifts” online.
  • Auctions: You can now do mobile bidding online
  • Trusted payment apps: Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, etc.
  • Fundraising websites: GoFundMe has been one the sites in which people create fundraising accounts with a set donation goal for individuals and cause such as “housing for homeless.”
    Stay Focused

    Your Impact

    Donations impacting communities in ways such as providing shelter, food, and clothing. An accumulation of any amount of donations  can lead to a permanent home for another. 

    What we do with your donations

          • 10% to food
          • 30% Social Services
          • 60% of your donations go into housing

    Your donations also go into medical services and justice services for the homeless and at-risk individuals in your community

    Your donations, time, and effort can truly impact another persons life in terms of giving them an opportunity. You can help lay a foundation for the homeless and at-risk individuals in the community to start their journey to recovery and stability.

    If you’re interested to know more about how we create success in our community, schedule a 15 minute zoom meeting and let’s discuss how you can generate more success this year. Click this link to check available times.


    Final Thoughts

    Homelessness is a huge problem but there are ways that we can do to help and support homeless individuals and families. All you need to do is reached out to your community and ask what you can do to help. The currently state of our technology allows us to search for this information and donate online. Utilize the tools that we now have to address the homelessness crisis and to provide support to organizations to help the homeless recover and gain stability.

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