We can slow the affects of poverty in our community

Together, we make a difference

Every day we put our knowledge, connections and drive to work empowering unhoused and at risk people with the skills and strength to survive and be self-sufficient.

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We help unhoused and at-risk people by providing:

A challenging economic environment has left many working poor feeling desperate, hopeless, and struggling to survive — often leading to homelessness and the dangers therein: drug abuse, violence, mental illness.

The social safety net does not effectively help unhoused and at risk people who need it most, leaving concerned citizens frustrated, angry and sad. At The Builder Group Network we put our knowledge, connections and drive to work empowering unhoused and at risk people to be self-sufficient.

Because when people receive the shelter, skills and support needed to thrive as part of the community, everyone wins.

Transitional Housing

Temporary housing helps those getting on their feet with a place to stay that is secure

Education Workshops

Our workshops focused on providing necessary tools and skills needed to secure a financial base

basic needs

Having things like a drivers license, food to eat, toothpaste, and clothes

A Plan

With our guides, we give clients the tools to be successful


We keep our clients moving with resources to get around the community that is reliable and affordable

Mental Wellness

By providing wellness resources, the people of our community focus on positive change

Financial Literacy

Nobody gets ahead in our community without knowing a few rules on how money works

Sales & Netorking Basics

We teach people how to use communication to sell themselves and products

Financial Freedom Machine

Gain Financial Freedom

For a lot of people, understanding how to become financially stable is like learning how to swim by being thrown in the ocean. It can feel like drowning. It takes guidance and trust to make an impact on those most sensitive to change and financial insecurity. 

Too many of us are succumbing to the dangers of homelessness

the basics. a gameplan. a coach.

We provide at-risk people with food, a wellness check, and immediate housing for up to 24 months. A customized program to achieve self-sufficiency, including work readiness training, resume building and permanent housing. An accountability partner to provide support including teaching life skills like budgeting and managing finances.

Black Female Professional

See what our clients say


Its a second chance in life. You experience resources that you never knew existed.

Christopher Calhun

Oh yeah! This program has the right structure! The right baby steps to get your life in order.

Marquise Davis
Client for VVFRC

It feels good to be productive in society. I’ve never worked a job where I have felt like I feel now.

Fred Howard
Client Care Specialist

Meet our wonderful
network partners

nobody should fight alone

As we have been saying, we can’t fight homelessness without community, and we are so grateful to all of our partners who have stood by us through this journey.